Grak’s ax bit deep into the chest of the twisted dwarf in front of him, hacking through its blood-encrusted armour and jarring against its spine. The stunted creature’s death-gurgle ended abruptly as he pulled his blade clear and launched himself at the his next target. All around him, dwarves were dying, slaughtered like mawspawn at a cull. His orcs had caught them off-guard, just like he’d planned, and now the darklings were at their mercy. He roared his triumph to the four winds and lashed out with a brutal backhand swing, separating a head from its shoulders. His war-cry was taken up by the rest of his tribe as they pushed on towards their objective. Not far left to go. These impudent scum would soon learn that no one steals from Grak Skulltaker and gets away with it.


Orcs have been a fan favourite since they were first released two years ago, and now they’re getting a bit of a boost! We’ve already covered the Trolls, Chariot and Fight Wagon that are adding to their ranks, but did you know that the Orc Ax Horde has been repackaged as a full “Krudghorde” of 40 rather than the previous horde of 30 – for the same price? That’s just how we do things at Mantic!

To help you get started with an Orc force, we’ve put together two new website-exclusive Army Deals: Gakamak’s Green Tide and Grak’s Skull-Taker Horde.

Gakamak's Green Tide

Gakamak’s Green Tide is a great starting point for an Orc army, or a good way of expanding an existing force! You get 40 Ax, 40 Greatax, 20 Gore Riders, 3 Chariots, six Trolls and a Krudger to lead them. It’s worth noting that if you put the chariots into a single Troop of 3, every unit (except the lone hero) is a solid unit, meaning you can add plenty of heroes and monsters to the mix! Also, it means you can take this army as allies for any other Evil army – Kings of War works great on a large scale, so why not try some massive games?

s skull taker hordeIf you’re really serious about starting an Orc army, and you want to get playing proper games right away, your best bet is Grak’s Skull-Taker Horde! You get two Krudgers (one on foot and one on a Gore), two Flaggers (perfect for keeping your army from fleeing the battlefield!), 4 Chariots, a Fight Wagon, 6 Trolls, 20 Gore Riders, 80 Ax and 40 Greatax, as well as a pile of Orclings. It’s a massive box of models, netting you a whopping 1800 points in-game – and that’s before you add in any magical artefacts. You could just throw in, say, a couple more Fight Wagons, or an allied Ogre unit, to bring it up to 2000 – then you’d be ready for a  tournament!

Head over to the Kings of War Advance Orders section for details of these deals as well as several others, and let us know what you think in the comments section!


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