What a week! The Basileans have caused a massive stir, and we’ve seen some great comments from fans of the range! We’ve now shown you all the new models… well, nearly all of them, at least. There’s still someone you need to meet (oh, and Berosos, some Men-at-Arms Crossbowmen and Command Group but you’ll have to wait for those!)

Gnaeus Sallustis, Grand Master of Basilea

Gnaeus Sallustis, Grand Master of the Paladins of Basilea

Gnaeus Sallustis is the Grand Master of the order of Basilean Paladins. His appearance on the battlefield is bad omen for the enemies of Basilea, as no army he has lead has ever lost a battle. A warrior and scholar without equal, he rides into battle on his faithful companion, the Baselian lion Nakir. These beasts are among the fiercest predators to roam the forests and plains of Mantica, almost exclusively hunting and feeding on evil and unnatural creatures. A single Basilean lion can easily bring down foes many times their size, even large humanoids such as Trolls and Ogres, and Nakir is a particularly vicious example of his kind. It is believed that Gnaeus and Nakir are linked, and that the fate of one is tied to the other – if one is killed, so to shall the other fall.

You’ll be glad to know that Gnaeus and Nakir are separate models, with a standard cavalry fitting, so you can mix and match your riders. For example, you could put Gnaeus on a Paladin horse, or use the lion as a mount for your general in another army! I can definitely think of a few ideas. In the game, Gnaeus is a bit of a beast (if you’ll excuse the pun). Seven Attacks at Melee 3+ and Crushing Strength (2) means he hits hard, and Speed 9 and Nimble make sure he’ll be where he’s needed. He also has a high Defence, a great Nerve score and the Heal and Headstrong abilities, making him hard to get rid of. I can picture him leading an army made primarily of Paladin Knights, and the thought of that gets me very excited indeed.

What a way to finish this week’s Basilean coverage! Make sure you drop your comments below as to what you think of Gnaeus, what you thought about this week’s content and what else you’d like to see in August regarding the Basileans – whilst you’re at it, check out the Basileans that are available to advance order now!

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