We wanted to let you know that as there are a large number of bank holidays over the next 2-3 weeks, some orders may take a little longer to come through as our postal and collection companies take some time off – we’ll still be packing orders, but if there’s something you want, we recommend placing your order early to get it in good time!

Celebrate Easter with a free sprue!
With the boxes for the egg-cellent new Orcs are in and they begin shipping on Monday! We’ve been massively egg-cited by this release – they’re shaping up to be our best range yet and with more in the pipeline, you’d have to be bunny hopping mad not to follow what we’re up too!

Puns aside, we’re are very proud of the Orcs – so proud in fact, we want everyone to see what we’re up too so we will be putting an Orc Ax Sprue into every post free order!

Orc Ax Troop Sprue – Free in all post free orders
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