A big Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends in the United States, and all over the world!




Blaine and Gramakh wish you a Happy Thanksgiving

Black Friday Weekend Madness

To celebrate Thanksgiving and to kickstart your Black Friday Extravaganza, we’ve set-up this discount code for the Mantic Webstore. Get 15% off everything in the Mantic Webstore by using the code:


Whether you’re eyeing up that copy of DreadBall you wanted to get the kids for Christmas or maybe you’ve spied the return of the Christmas Crazy Box, you can use this code to get 15% off. The code expires midnight GMT Monday 1st December.

Don’t miss it!

4 Days of Kings of War Remaining

There are just four days of the Kings of War Kickstarter left – it finishes 11:59pm Monday 1st December!!


We’ve funded a ton of great new units for the Kings of War armies, like the Forest Shamblers, Basilean Heavy Arbalest and we’re closing in on the Ogre Berserker Braves and Orc War Drum.


Basilean Heavy Arbalest, Forest Shambler and Ba’el, Undead Demonlord. Click on the Thumbnail to get a closer look.

It was important to us that we could offer total value for money on this Kickstarter. Our $50 Living Legend pledge has a fantastic saving, and we’ve also listed Optional Add-ons for Fantasy Scenery, Plastic Gaming Table, Custom Dice and today we’ve added affordable Army Booster to get you more variety and choice for your force.

There’s just so much stuff,  go check it out here – and don’t wait, it finishes Monday!!


Remember – you can pledge for the Rulebook, an Army or just any of the Add-ons if you want to.

Can’t wait until next year?

The Christmas Crazy Box is a cheap little box full of a whole assortment of random goodies.

Worth over £70 individually, the contents of this £25 box are a bit random. The Crazy Box makes a great Christmas present for any hobbyist as there are countless bits for conversions and your bits box. It’s the perfect first taste of Mantic or a great addition to any collection.


There are two varieties of Crazy Box this year: the purist Sci-fi version and then the all-mighty assorted version we all know and love.

Order yours before Monday and use the 15% off code to get mega-savings on the Crazy Box.

And finally…

Not to be outdone by Luke’s attempt to steal the limelight with the new Mantic Podcast, Ronnie Renton will be making his debut on Beasts of War’s Weekender this coming Saturday. Tune in to find out more about Kings of War and DreadBall Xtreme!

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