There is now less than 1 week to go until our favourite holy human army the Basileans are released into the wider world!

Onwards, for the glory of Basilea!

Onwards, for the glory of Basilea!

Yep, this is our biggest army launch yet and unlike previous army releases, it’s all coming in one month – this means you can pick everything up in one go, rather than having to wait until the following month!

To make things extra easy, we’ve put together two incredible value for money army deals that contain a mix of heroes, cavalry and infantry from across the range. Not only that but pre-order one of these deals before the 31st August and get a free copy of the Basilean Legacy with your Army!


Building a Basilean Army

Army Sets are a traditional feature of all Mantic Armies and the Basileans are no different. The Basilean Army Set – with a little bit of everything, this great value box includes 5 Basilean Paladin Knights with command, 10 Paladins on foot with command, 10 Sisterhood with command, 20 Men-at-Arms with spears and hand weapon options, and 3 mighty Elohi! Couple that with theKings of War Core Rules Booklet and you’ve got yourself a great starting point for your army or the perfect addition to any existing collection.

From there you can expand your Army Set with the addition of more of the same – each infantry set is available individually in two configurations, so whether you’re looking for a troop, regiment or horde, you can build them really easily.


Basileans are fully compatible with all major Fantasy and Historical gaming systems.

In addition, you could also expand the variety in your army with some ranged support like the Crossbowmen, or some fast attack choices like the Basilean Panther Lancers and the Panther Chariot. Then there are also four incredible hero sculpts to choose from: Grand Master Sallustis on Nakir, Ur-Elohi Jullius, Ur-Elohi Samacris and High Priest Berosos.

Gnaeus Sallustis, Grand Master of Basilea

Gnaeus Sallustis, Grand Master of Basilea

Of course, if you’re going to be using your Basileans in Kings of War then you’ll be needing The Basilean Legacy Kings of War supplement, which contains all the rules, stats and background you need for your army. Of course it’s packed full of all kinds of extras including a total of three army lists – yep, the Forces of Nature and the Forces of the Abyss are in there too – an expanded Magic Artefacts section worked on by members of our forum and new Magic spells, The Basilean Legacy is a beautiful book packed full of art and new photography meaning if you play Kings of War this is a must-have purchase.

The Basileans and The Basilean Legacy Kings of War supplement are released on the 26th August and will be available from all good hobby retailers. Pre-order them now on the Mantic Webstore!

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