Tournament room 1Just a quick one this evening – if you head down to the UK Gaming Expo and go see the lads at Team Mantic’s stall (we’re with Titan Games!), then you can grab some really nice bargains – including the new scenery!  There’s also some demos of Mars Attacks, Deadzone and Dreadball, and Mantic Digital are also in attendance.

It was my first event of that size, and I made lots of new friends (HI!!!) and really enjoyed myself there, and if you’re on the fence, even a little bit, I’d say give it a go.

Pictured here, is the tournament room – we’ll be sharing images from the stand tomorrow, but if you’re looking for some Mantic goodies and can reach the event, I HIGHLY recommend going, especially as there are show specials available over the entire range of stock.  Just go say hi and see what they’ve got!