The Abyssal Dwarfs are getting some extreme fire power and, ever the over-exited group of people that we are, we’ve taken a few quick snaps for the blog whilst the models are out having their photos taken for the packaging proper – check out the Angkor Heavy Mortar and the Slave Orcs below!


The Angkor mortar is a large artillery piece that fires huge shells filled with the explosive concoctions of the Iron-casters – any regiment it hits directly disappears in a cloud of smoke.

In additions, the Abyssal Dwarfs are getting a unit of Slave Orcs to add to their ranks, including this brand new handler and his pet.


The Orcs’ great strength and brutal ferocity are an asset to any army, and the Abyssal Dwarfs push vast hordes of enslaved brutes towards the enemy before committing their own troops.

Comments below please! Oo, and if you’re interested in the new Goblin and Abyssal Dwarf kits, look out for pre-launch Army Deals going up tomorrow!

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