So it’s Friday and the sixth official army list for Kings of War has been released into the wild, exclusive to those of you signed up to our newsletter. The link will be included again next week, so you’ve got a week to get signed up if you want in on the second hit.

Also shown-off in today’s newsletter was the expanded range of Army Painter, the new mega-armies and the Kings of War rulebook, now available to pre-order individually on the Mantic webstore!


The first 50 of these will be signed by Alessio, as will the first 50 Mhorgoth Rising boxsets, so if you want to get one with the rules writer squiggle on, why not take advantage of our August free shipping* and get your pre-order in now? We’ve also got chess clocks available now too, so you can make use of Kings of War’s innovative turn structure and get playing some timed games – particularly useful for practising tournament play but still a blast in casual games!

Finally, a sneak preview of the Kings of War rulebook is coming on Monday’s blog, so make sure you come back for that!

* All orders over £25, €35 and $50 ship post-free during August.

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