Hobbytastic indeed. As more and more Undead hordes rise from the ground, as more Dwarfs regiments come down from the Mountains and as more Elves show-off their fancy looking weapons, we’re seeing more and more people getting into the Wargaming hobby through Mantic.

Whether it’s project logs on forums or hobbyist generated guides and images, we’re hearing about people either getting into the hobby for the first time, re-discovering the hobby once again or people wanting to use our models in crazy projects (a few people have mentioned they’re doing something with Zombies, Ghouls and guns!) that they just can’t wait to get started on.

Well, as John from Beasts of War explains in this video, the Mantic Tools of War Assembly Kit is a great way to get started gluing and clipping some miniatures (and of course can be supplemented with a Paint Set… these things don’t paint themselves!) whether beginner or veteran alike. But don’t listen to us, why not check out BoW’s video below?

PS – it’s our go on the tank next 😉

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