Jake has posted an excellent article on Grids, boards and Line of Sight in the first Deadzone Designer’s Notes.

Probably the most unusual feature of Deadzone is its combination of a board game grid and skirmish game Line of Sight (LOS). This needs explaining as I don’t know of another game that uses this approach.

The Challenge

Those of you who have played my other games will know that I like fast and simple games which include a lot of tactical decision making and choice. The challenge for me here was to bring that design ethos into a skirmish game environment and avoid as many as possible of the traditional pitfalls and difficulties.

These problems tend to congregate around movement and who can see what. Getting tape measures into and between scenery can be awkward and whether things are just in or just out of range is a frequent debate that is only made worse by the measuring being difficult to do accurately.

These problems tend to multiply enormously when you add a third dimension as we wanted to do here. We had all manner of plans for buildings and other terrain and it would be silly not to have that impact on the way the game played.

Read more on Quirkworthy (it’s goes into quite a lot of details and definitely worth a read!)

Related to the grid and the board, we’re hunting down our next stretch goal!

$300,000- Deluxe Deadzone Gaming Mat

In the sparsely populated planets of the far reaches of Corporation space, the settlements all tend towards a familiar look – built from the same prefab units that are supplied by Shensig Interplanetary to almost every colonist collective and security unit known to man. These boxy and utilitarian blocks are formed into storage units, barracks, workshops, offices, armories, labs, holding pens, and medi-centres with equal ease. They are the defining architectural wonder of the Corporation and are commonly what alien races assume to be the pinnacle of human achievement. They are a far cry from the architectural marvels of the Core. Read more on the blog.

Made from Manticanium (well, a similar material to what mouse mats are made from) this incredible single-sided 2’x2′ gaming mat is non-slip and made of win – honestly, we’re a little in love with this material. Here’s why:

– It rolls up.
– Doesn’t crease when it’s folded.
– Doesn’t slip off the table.
– It’s durable – you won’t get any tearing or fraying.
– Can be put down next to other mats to form a 4’x6’ or 4’x4’ gaming area.

If we hit this goal, we’ll be able to fund the Deluxe Gaming Mat and upgrade the paper mat to this shiny new version in the Strike Team ($150) package and up absolutely free!

The Deluxe Gaming Mat is also available in the add-ons and we have put together some awesome bundles for those of you who want to expand your gaming table to 4’x4’ or 6’x4’.

* If you want 4 or 6 mats without selecting the Strike Team reward level, simply purchase a single and a bundle of 3, or 2 bundles of 3.

A 6’x4’ Urban Warzone gaming table.

Deadzone – The sci-fi skirmish board game is being funded on Kickstarter – please pledge your support! Look out for Alpha Rules being released 03/05/13.

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