The little green guys are getting a spiny whirly machine of doom, some new heroes and two varieties of light cavalry (shiny painted pics coming soon!) the big green guys are getting a contraption or two and there’s the Trolls as well. Even the bonies get new Werewolves, Vampires and Mummies. But how about a new faction for Kings of War?

OK then – in July, the Ogres are in town!

Ogres already feature in the Kings of War Rulebook in the Kingdoms of Men list but with the addition of the Kings and Legends book, they are getting there own complete army list – and the staple unit of this new faction are the Ogre Warriors!


Ogres are extremely strong, and so carry heavy swords and shields. His armour in the north is generally of tough hide, but once he joins a mercenary band an Ogre will spend his first few months pay on proper armour of thick iron plates – all provided at a reasonable price by his captain, of course. Some of them favour huge two-handed weapons they call Orc Cleavers, which, when brought down hard on the skull of an Orc generally tend to live up to their name.


At 190 Points, an Ogre Warrior Regiment packs one heck of a punch with 18 Crushing Strength (1) attacks on a Melee value of 3+. Not only that but the 6-figure kit gives you the option to swap the standard hand weapon and shield load-out for a mighty two handed weapon and a Crushing Strength of 2! Of course, this does affect your Defence!


The Ogres are now available to pre-order from the Mantic Webstore and will begin shipping on the 29th July.

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