Okay, so the Orcs have had a lot of attention over the past couple of weeks, with their Chariots and Fight Wagons and super-sized Hordes, but what about the other green fellas? The smaller, sneakier ones? The ones with an uncanny knack for building insane contraptions that look like they’re as dangerous to the wielder as they are to the enemy?


Case in point. 

The Goblins are getting some attention in July, and one of the most notable releases is the Mincer shown above! It’s an awesome, characterful model, and at 50 points it’s a must-have in any Goblin army, not least because it makes up to 18 Crushing Strength (1) attacks in melee! (Admittedly, being a bit slapdash, it could just as easily make 3 attacks. Easy come, easy go!)

If there’s no room in your life for a wacky steam-powered tunnel clearance device, fear not! The goblins are also getting further reinforcements with the release of this trio of “heroes”…


Goblins are fairly straight-forward when it comes to names, as showcased by the Biggit – the biggest, gittiest Goblin there is in any given area. He’s the standard fighting Hero for the Goblin army, but don’t get your hopes up about his melee potential – after all, at 30 points, what do you expect! Still, he has the always important Inspiring rule, which can make a huge difference when you don’t want your horde of Sharpsticks to rout.


How awesome is this guy? This is a Goblin who got up this morning, decided “I’m a wizard, so there’s no way I’m not dressing the part”, and he followed through on that promise. Yes, it’s the Goblin Wiz – a spellcasting Goblin with surprisingly potent powers! The Zap! rule is worth his 50 points by itself, but he’s also got the Inspiring rule, meaning more chances to stop your army fleeing the battlefield.  goblin-standard-bearer

The Flaggit is another character with the Inspiring rule. You need as many of these as you can in a Goblin army, but thankfully they’re cheap enough (this guy’s a measly 20 points!) to do it. Also, you’re unlikely to have any shortage of Solid Units in your army, so you shouldn’t struggle to field heroes. Another cracking model here – the flayed faces (including one embarrassed-looking Orc) are a lovely touch!

These three are going to be released together in a box, which currently has the rather uninspiring name, “Goblin Heroes”. That’s nowhere near as characterful as these models deserve, so what do you think, Mantic fans? Get your suggestions in the comments box below!

These Goblins (and others as well!) will be available for advance order from Monday of next week, so make sure you’ve got the Kings of war Advance Orders section bookmarked!

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