Hi gang! James here, back from my holidays, revitalised and ready to return to the world of blogging!

Looks like I’ve missed quite a bit while I was away. The Ogres and Goblins are proving to be massively popular, especially the conversion kits for the Red Goblin Blaster and Ogre Chariots! If you missed them first time around, check them out here. Also, we gave away £150 in store credit to celebrate hitting 10,000 Likes on our Facebook page, and five lucky newsletter subscribers got their hands on a box of brand new Trolls. It’s a good time to be a Mantic fan!

As for me, while I was away I dropped in on the Beasts of War gang to do some more filming with them. You’ll see the results in the near future, but for now they’ve posted up another episode of the DreadBall Academy, in which myself and Warren put together a pair of teams for an Exhibition Match. For anyone that doesn’t know, Exhibitions are a great way to try out the player advancement, MVP and Free Agent rules without playing a full-blown league. It brings a whole new dimension to a game of DreadBall when your individual players have their own abilities and advancements; you have to start thinking about how each of your players can best be put to use in the arena, but you also have a heap of new options available to you! You’ll be able to see how this comes into play in the next DreadBall Academy video, which will feature our two teams facing off in the Exhibition Match itself. For now, here’s the build-up!

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrlhaDuL2Ls‘]

If you haven’t seen the rest of the DreadBall Academy series, I put the links up in a previous blog post. If you want to join in and get playing, everything you need is available through the Mantic webstore!

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