And the lovely Denton Dazzlers Cheerleaders are locked in on the DreadBall Kickstarter – get in!

Along with Mellisandra and the amazing new Limited Edition Penny Arcade Gabe MVP, the Cheerleaders have now been added to the extras on the front page, ready for you to add to your pledge – simply raise the amount in the Pledge Manager by the appropriate value to add a set on!

Right then, what’s next?

$470,000 – Rico Van Dien, MVP

They say that Rico van Dien’s good looks are his secret weapon, and for once, “they” could be right! The superstar Striker recently signed a massive sponsorship deal with VitaCarb Sports Supplements(tm), who will be using his face to launch their new line of Shakes(tm) and Grounders(tm). With the deal set to rake in megacredits by the truckload, the DGB has issued a general ban against hitting van Dien above the chest or below the waist. The Detonators were the first to fall foul of this new ruling, with high-striking Jack Flunk Shortspittle copping a lifetime ban after tripping over Rico’s foot last weekend.

Rico is one of the famous characters from the DreadBall website – you asked for him, so here he is!

We’ve managed to increase the size of Season 2 book to feature 10 MVPs, making Rico definitively the last Season 2 MVP. If we hit this goal, you’ll allow us to fund the Rico Van Dien MVP – and include him free in Striker!

Right then guys, let’s get him in!! We’re getting ever closer to finding out what this badboy is all about…

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