…so if you can think of one, let me know in a comment!

It hardly seems any time since we had our DreadBall Season 2 newsletter competition, and gave away a heap of stuff. We must be a little bit unhinged, because we’re doing it again! This time we want to spread the prize around a bit, so everyone’s got more chance of winning. That means we’re going to pick not one winner, but five, and each one will get a box our of new Kings of War Trolls!


If you missed out last time, here’s how it works. On 1st July we’ll draw five names at random from our Newsletter subscribers, and send them an email to let them know they’ve won. If you want to be in with a chance, you just have to make sure you’ve signed up before the end of June. Easy enough! Full details are available at this link:


And on the subject of Trolls, Curis thought our models didn’t tally with his mental image, and came up with this…


Good luck with the competition, and happy Trolling!

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