Way back in 2011 we released a Mass Battle Sci-fi Ruleset by Alessio Cavatore. It was a playtest alpha version of the game, and alongside it we released our first two sci-fi armies: the Forge Fathers and Marauders.

Since then we’ve developed the Warpath sci-fi universe by exploring DreadBall and Deadzone, producing lots of new miniatures and fleshing out the eight factions we originally planned for Warpath, adding a few new ones along the way.

The Deadzone Kickstarter finishes tomorrow night at midnight. It has so far raised over $300,000 from over 2290 people. This has allowed us to fund new hard plastic units, including a complete Veer-myn Faction and Industrial Scenery, as well as Pathfinders and Jetbikes. There have also been a few additions to the existing races, such as a Teraton Shock Trooper and Marauder Chief Mauhulakh.

This Easter Weekend we’ve been celebrating by launching the Lock Down pledge. It is a great deal and gets you all of the new miniatures. We recommend you check it out here.

And now we’ve come full circle, as Forge Fathers are our next goal in the Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter with an all-new Steel Warrior kit.


Forge Fathers are not numerous. By natural disposition and rock hard law, unions between a male and female are life long, and Forge Fathers have a long life. While offspring from a single couple may reach to a dozen those births are spread over centuries. Comparative to the size of Forge Father territory, their numbers have barely increased since the first forge star was manufactured and they began spreading from the galactic core. And while each individual Forge Father is a hard, muscular ball of single-mindedness, they are far from indestructible.

Each Forge Father is raised to hold the continuance of their race closer to their heart than anything else, and each must have a hand in assuring that continuation.

To serve among the Skjaldborg is the duty of every young Forge Father, and one they take seriously. Length of service lasts decades, and during that time the Warrior will learn every facet of warfare.

At the end of their term most members of the Skjaldborg return to normal life. They take with them the arms and training the envy of any professional army in the galaxy, and should such a crisis ever arise, the whole Forge Father population is ready to come down on their enemies like a hammer blow.


Steel Warriors are a new type of infantry for the Forge Fathers in Deadzone. The Steel Warriors are a 5-man hard plastic sprue that can be uniquely posed. They come with rifles and extra components to build a sergeant-level leader, which has a pistol and heat hammer.

Thematically, Steel Warriors provide a different type of basic troopers to the Brokkrs, allowing you to field a force composed of armoured Forge Father troopers, alongside the Forge Guard. In game, their heavier armour offers them a bit more protection, whilst their rifles allow them to keep their opponents at bay from range.

The Forge Father Steel Warriors are now funding on the Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter. There are a range of great deals on the figures, including bulk deals for buying them, the Pathfinders and the Veer-myn in squads. Please pledge your support before midnight tomorrow. Thanks!

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