Brokkrs occupy a unique strata all of their own within Forge Father society. Descendants of a clan that strayed too far from the truth path, they are now scattered throughout the Star Realm, each fold having a small population of Brokkrs to call its own.


Brokkrs are very different from the rest of their brethren. Forge Fathers are generally given to be taciturn and gruff, where Brokkrs are talkative and possessed of a sense of humour, albeit a grim one. Forge Fathers will tend to take the sow path, ensuring that every single element is just so, before proceeding onwards – this being why they are so renowned as artisans and craftsman. Brokkrs are less concerned with perfection – as long as the job is done, they are happy. This should not be confused with sloppiness – indeed, what to a Forge Father would be considered rushed would still by human standards be a work of exacting perfection.

Forge Father Brokkrs

Their remit is that of merchants and scrap dealers. They spread throughout the galaxy, harvesting raw materials wherever they find them, and gathering data on the GCPS and other alien powers in the process. The Star Realm in truth has little use for the trinkets that Brokkr fleets mostly retrieve, but the information is far more valuable. Though not expansionists by nature, the Forge Fathers recognise the inherent threat in the voracity of humanity’s appetite for conquest. The GCPS spreads like a virus, and its need for raw materials drives it ever onwards.


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