The Forge Guard


The armour worn by the elite warriors known as the Forge Guard epitomises the qualities that set the Forge Fathers apart from other races. Fully enclosing its wearer, the armour provides a complete suite of life support, targeting and environmental data systems and combines them with the strength and protection of an armoured vehicle. The armour is capable of protecting is occupant from extremes of temperature and environment, and its sophisticated onboard systems will even allow them to operate underwater or in the hard vacuum of deep space for limited periods. The original design was for miners operating in frontier environments, but has been modified heavily to make the warplate seen today.

Forge Father Forge Guard A

A variety of weapons systems are employed, depending on the tactical requirements of the given mission. Standard armament is a Hailstorm rifle – capable of discharging a volley of shells at a high enough velocity to shred durasteel, and a Forge Hammer – a weapon which discharges a seismic pulse on impact, shattering armour and pulping organic matter. The rifle is physically bonded to the armour at the wrist, allowing the wearer to fire using impulse bases systems, whilst leaving the hand free if required. The armour’s capacity allows it to carry sufficient rounds for prolonged firing, ensuring that the wearer need never worry about running out of ammunition in the middle of a firefight.


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