Iron Ancestor

Dwarfs are possessed of an incredible lifespan as compared to humans. Precisely how long they can live is unknown to outsiders, but figures of a thousand years and more have been heard by various GCPS agents. Whatever the truth, like any other race, they do succumb to vagaries of old age, becoming weaker and more infirm as they get older. Unlike humans, Forge Father society venerates the aged, recognising them to a status far about the rest of their people. Such wisdom is of course welcome in the military, which prides itself on its adherence to traditional doctrines which have served the Star Realm well in many thousands of years of its existence. Of course even Forge Fathers must concede that, after a time, the physical usefulness of the warrior lessens as the years advance. This is where the Iron Ancestor comes in.

Forge Father Iron Ancestor Deadzone Variant

In a Deadzone, the usefulness of an Iron Ancestor is obvious, their thick armour, immense stature and complex gyroscopic balancing systems make them ideal for the complex urban environments found there. Immune to most infantry-portable weaponry, they are able to do the work of a whole squad of Forge Guard in half the time. Though rarely attached to Brokkr teams (their obvious value both physically and spiritually making them prized assets), it is not unheard of for one or more ‘Urban Pattern’ modified Iron Ancestor to make the journey to a planet sealed off by Containment Protocol to assist the mission there. This variant packs a Plasma Vortex Cannon – a short range weapon with explosive effects, and a Rending Claw – a hydraulic, monstrously powerful close combat weapon equally capable of dexterous gestures and tearing chunks of armour plate from tanks. If nothing else, they serve as an assurance of keeping the Brokkrs in line – even these hot-tempered and brash individuals will think twice before arguing with the wisdom of an elder venerable enough to have become a living ancestor!

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