Baldr's Armoured Battalion

As we are fast approaching the release of our very own rules set I am sure you are all starting to get your armies ready to play with. What better way to start a new Dwarf army, or to add to an existing force than to pick up our brand new Army Deal!

Included in this Dwarf set:

  • 1 x FREE Dwarf King
  • 1 x FREE Dwarf Berserker Lord
  • 1 x FREE Dwarf Warsmith
  • 1 x FREE Dwarf Standard Bearer
  • 10 Dwarf Berserkers (with Command Group)
  • 5 x Dwarf Ironclad Regiments (100 Figures with Command Groups)
  • 2 x Dwarf Ironwatch Regiments (40 Figures)
  • 4 x Dwarf Ironbelcher Cannons/Organ Guns with Crew
  • Dwarf Poster Guides and Mantic Points
  • Square Bases (20mm)
  • Large and Small Mantic Carry Cases with Protective Foam

That is an incredible deal, with over 160 figures, all for only £99/€124.95/$179.99!

This army deal is currently only available to pre-order but it will be shipping out first thing on the 24th September 2010. So you should pre-order your set now, as we will be running this deal for a limited time, so you really don’t want to miss out!

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