Do you have what it takes to join the ranks of our esteemed games designers? Now’s your chance! With so many hobbyists hungry for more Mantic, maintaining our games has become more than a one-man job. While Jake and Alessio are hard at work on our core systems to bring you more exciting new releases, we can’t let the support for our fans and their favourite games fall by the wayside – so we’re looking for help!

We’re looking to put together a crack team of dedicated volunteers to help keep our game systems alive and offer us a fresh perspective. If you’re a talented writer or designer, with a good understanding of gaming and a keen eye for detail, and a little bit of spare time, you’re exactly what we need! We will be setting up online discussion groups for each game where you can have your say and share ideas, and we will be arranging monthly meetings with the Studio team to agree the best way forward. This team will be directly shaping Mantic’s games in the year to come – if that sounds like something you want to be a part of, then keep reading!


Our games are enjoyable and exciting – and we need your help to keep that fresh and exciting!

• Acting on community feedback
• FAQs and Errata – updating our “living” rulebooks
• Playtesting our new games and systems
• Ad-hoc new rules (e.g. minor supporting releases, campaign packs, retailer support products)
• Ongoing playtesting and development of core systems
• Eventual development of larger projects such as supplements

What’s in it for me?
• First and foremost, you will be working with our Studio team on the hottest new releases – you will have a direct impact on our games, and you’ll get to see all the shiny new stuff before it hits the shelves.
• You will be invited to monthly meetings on Skype to share your opinions and agree on the future direction of our systems.
• If you can get to Nottingham we will also run gaming events where we can all meet face to face and try out your ideas first hand!
• You will have full access to our reference library and IP bible, and you’ll receive free copies of any product that you have worked on.
• Additional rewards will be available for the best and most innovative ideas.
• Finally, and most importantly, you could be our games designers of the future! As Mantic grows, we hope to be able to take on more staff on a freelance or even permanent basis. The studio is where all of our products begin their life – it’s the hub of the business and it’s an exciting place to be! When the time comes, our trusted rules committee will be our first port of call for the top talent.


deadzone contents

Deadzone is a game full of tactical subtlety and is ripe for expansion

How to apply
Our ideal applicants will be people who are creative, but can also nail down the logical steps required to create a tactical, fun and of course understandable game. There are undoubtedly a lot of people out there with such talents, but we need to keep the team to a manageable number to ensure that effective decisions can be made. Therefore we’ve set up a short exercise to test out your abilities and pick the best candidates.

You have a choice of two of our most established systems to work with, Kings of War and DreadBall. Here’s what we’re looking for:

DreadBall Challenge Cup
This is where the DGB take the DreadBall leagues to the strangest or most inhospitable planets in the galaxy to test the players to their limits. Each section of the Challenge Cup will present an alternative way of playing DreadBall to represent these conditions.
• Design a setting and an MVP
• Write the background for the setting
• What makes it different – rules for the pitch, players, events etc
• You have the option of including a set of extra cards if you wish

Kings of War Narrative Campaign
This can be based around any part of the Kings of War universe, but should tell a story through a series of scenarios, playable by the average Kings of War player (so no 15,000 point sieges please :-P)
• Background and storyline
• 3-4 Scenarios with knock-on effects
• Special units for each side if desired
• Key characters for each side if desired

Gameplay video

You’ll be involved with prototypes of our latest games and get to playtest upcoming editions.

In both cases, other than the information above the brief is open, so it’s a chance to be creative. We’re looking for a finished piece of 1500-3000 words, depending on chosen content. Obviously it won’t have to have been playtested, so don’t worry if the balance isn’t quite right. It’s the initial ideas and presentation that are important. To summarise what we’re looking for:

• Tactical subtlety
• Innovation
• Working within the format and ethos of existing rules
• Synergy
• Rules presented in a concise format
• Working to a brief and to deadline

Submissions must be sent to by the 14th of July 2014 and must be accompanied with a signed copy of the following document:

> Mantic Rule Committee Agreement.PDF

We look forward to hearing from you!

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