One word: pitches!

Both of the DreadBall Kickstarter pitches have been significantly upgraded from the initial prototypes in response to your feedback and both are available at a special reduced Kickstarter prices that will never-be-seen-again.

Have at it! >:D

Co-prosperity Park – Intergalactic Sports Arena

Co-prosperity Park is a floating arena in the centre of the Diare district, a multi-trillion credit venue that has hosted such major-league finals as SlamBall IV and GloryBall 8. The stadium is in a constant state of noise, both from the cheers of the fans, shouting from the players and never-ending chatter from the vid-screens and advertising bots.

Get the full DreadBall Experience and play on a real neodurium (well, high-quality Acrylic!) pitch!
This premium game board breaks down into easy to store components and features a detachable rush track, score counter, sin bin, subs bench and Strike zones – it’ll even fit in the Mantic Battle Foam Bag!

Either use it to replace your game board or add it to your pledge as a complete second pitch!

Quadrant Zero Stadium

An older arena situated in the outer reaches, the Quadrant Zero Stadium is a former Enforcer base that has since been sold on to ZenaCorps, a merchant conglomerate with reported links to space piracy and smuggling. Quadrant Zero is in a severe state of disrepair and it’s reported every cycle that its license to hold DreadBall tournaments is openly under threat from Digby. 

Customise your pitch to the arena you want to play in!

This high quality MDF pitch can be painted so it looks the way you want it to – want to play on an ice world? Spray it white. Want a steely grey arena? Well you can do that too!

This kit can be used as a complete second game board and comes complete with removable rush track, score track, sin bins and subs bench. It breaks down into multiple pieces so that it can be carried around safely and even fits into the Battle Foam bag!

What else ya got?

Well, you can’t get playing a second game without cards so we’ve made the deck of 54 available in the extras*! You can also pick up a RefBot, counters and a Ball as well!

Note that the separate packs of cards have to be printed according to demand and will ship with the second package in Q2 2013.

We’re giving the main page a bit of a tidy up over the weekend and we have plenty of exciting goodies to look forwards to!

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