This week focuses on Kings of War and I wanted to discuss one of the current threads running on the Mantic forum, and one I thought raised some really great points – ones I thought I should address…

I put up a few notes over the Christmas break, so I hope you will know that KoW is far from dead – in fact it is our major game system release for 2012, and this year it become our first ‘finished’ mass-battle system (and I will explain what I mean by that below) but I was vague on the detail and our reasons behind the developments – so I hope to rectify those points here.

The thread talked about how KoW felt like a poor relation in the last few months. To be honest, I also feel we have neglected KoW for at the end of last year and I know how frustrating that will feel after you have committed to our gaming system. I am sorry for that.

As it was we were just not able to support KoW while we released Warpath.  However, now that is done we will rotate releases for each major system in alternate months – with a few surprises and new games thrown in for good measure 😉

Let’s outline our plans for KoW this year:


In February we have the Twilight Kin release – a whole new army for KoW. It looks fantastic and offers a great hobby project to get a brilliant (and very lethal) army on to the battle field.

Mantic-Games-Twilight-Kin-SpearmenMantic-Games-Twilight-Kin-Crossbowmen-whiteTwilight Kin Spearmen and Crossbows – new for the Twilight Kin… more images and pics coming this week!

We will also release the first goblin unit. This is the metal spearman regiment – while the plastic bowman unit is away getting tooled.

goblinfootleaderGoblin Spearmen unit champion – these guys just have so much character…

We have an elite unit of Undead just around the corner too (a surprise new unit – soon to be announced by Alessio) – which will offer a powerful mini unit to add to the Undead Horde.

A few months after that we have a major release for the Abyssal Dwarfs – including resin plastic Half Breeds! These models look stunning and add the cavalry choice to the (Abyssal) Dwarf army (Don’t worry – we will still do Dwarfs on Badgers too at some point!).  This release will be supported with other kits to fill out the Abyssal Dwarf range too…

Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of Ronnie’s bumper mega-post!

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