Now that the “technical” team are back from our trip to Switzerland (congratulations to the Polish and German ETC teams respectively!), we’ve a major midweek preview of some of the forthcoming Warpath miniatures…

082411 Exclusive-Forge father heroForgefather Hero Sculpt

You may have spotted these on Bell of Lost Souls and Beasts of War so make sure you check out both sites tomorrow for even more angles of these fantastic miniatures.

240811 Exclusive Marauder Orx HeroMarauder Warlord Sculpt

Don’t forget to click on the thumbnails to expand the image – we’ve left them as big as possible so you can see just how crammed they are with detail. We think they are fantastic, and we really hope you guys think so too!

If you want to see more of what’s coming for Warpath, make sure you, your friends and anyone else you can think of is signed up to the newsletter – this Friday is going to be massive (and we’ll also include the Twilight Kin army list that didn’t quite make it into last weeks newsletter too!)

Finally, don’t forget to leave us your comments below!

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