We’ve got heaps of Dwarf King’s Hold: Green Menace and Game Bundles being pre-ordered after many of you have been fearing that Green Menace will go the same way as Dead Rising did: out of stock before you managed to get a copy. Well, when it’s got cover art like this, it’s going to fly off the shelves (though of course, the finest plastic fantasy miniatures, excellent dungeon tiles and subline rulebook helps!) – better get your copy now then.

Dwarf King's Hold

Anyway, we had such great feedback on the artwork, we went back to the artist and asked him about his inspiration, and how he went about creating this fantastic piece of art.


Here’s a snippet:

“I wanted the piece to be dynamic but still classic fantasy with the orc as the main focus point. I started out with various rough sketches to try out different composition…”

For the full article and a step by step as to how the Green Menace cover was created, check it out on the Dwarf King’s Hold hub here!

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