Ronnie here,

I realised it had been a while since I sat and wrote a missive. We’ve been posting some great pictures up, the sculptors, artists and painters are really starting to turn out some incredible work – we just received the model from the Vampire on his Undead steed, and it is fantastic. However, I think a good blog is a more like a Journal than a scrap book. Sometimes you need a little reflection amongst all the hustle and bustle of cool new models.

Cutting to the chase, I am having feelings I haven’t had for some years now – rather too many, in fact! I am getting really, really excited about toy soldiers again. Now that might sound odd from someone who has just set up a hobby company – but please let me explain.

For the last 15 months we have been absolutely flat out designing boxes and sprue sizes, Mantic Points and Warmachines, metal and plastic (and resins), bases and weapons and, and, and…we have not had any time to actually enjoy the models, and dream a little.

And Fantasy war-gaming is all about dreaming – imagining yourself leading a huge horde into battle to defeat the evil upstart/the goodie two-shoes <delete as appropriate>.  After all, the imagination bit is exactly why we do fantasy right?

Ok, interlude for Toy soldier porn…

work in progress of the new Reaper figure

…now back on with the ramblings of an old gamer…

So, I am getting excited – for two reasons:

Firstly, we are pulling together our first book, and it is going to talk about a huge and epic battle between two forces, it will examine the why, and how and who. The armies will all be looked at in the book, set among concept art, background on the big players at the battle and lots of glorious photography (I know we have not given you enough great shots of our models – well all that is about to change). The guys over at Army Painter are just putting the finishing touches to the undead legion – and the whole project has just got me thinking about hobby projects and big battles and the such. ( Talented volunteers always sought to build scenery and interesting conversions 🙂

Secondly, we are currently  in the middle of releasing Mantic’s  second army (the Undead, in case you missed it!). So finally the dream of ‘Really Big Battles’ is not far away. Combine that with the realism of our models and suddenly I am having tingles I have not had for many a year. We are now so close to having Napoleonic size battles – a truly awe-inspiring ensemble of colours and regiments, with dead figures and cavalry, and batteries of war machines all lined up and ready for war – and while it is fantasy is is real fantasy – you can suspend your disbelief.  It is that moment that has rekindled my interest in fantasy wargaming – the scale and majesty and the believability of the whole event.

I know there are others out there who share the passion for epic battles (I think Madan Mitra has some big plans for Salute this year with a large number of Mantic models!), and we will be taking the Undead – Elf battle on the road to many of the Wargame shows this year – so please come by and see it – or better yet – do one yourself.

So, now I just need one of the armies I collect to be released by Mantic and I can pick up my paint brush, hmmm…

Ronnie ( a dwarf man)

p.s.  please go and buy something while we have the free shipping offer – everyone should own a pack of the Skeletons or Ghouls! Perhaps in a nice bag?

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