It’s Orc Week all this week on the Mantic Blog and we’ve got some cracking stuff coming for this incredible range.

Today, we start with the second of our Hub Pages. This brand new section of the website will contain everything you need to know about Orcs, from the sets that are available and the best Army Deals available, all the way through to the background of this Green Menace, artwork, gaming aids and the design decisions that go into creating a Mantic Orc race.

CTA-Orc-HubMantic Orcs – Make your friends green with envy

To start the week off, the Hub comes equipped with Background, Concept Art and the Orc Beta Army List. Orc War Stories takes a look at the Origins behind the Orcs as well as delving deeper into the different units available – there’s also a new short story written by Jonathan Pearce. Speaking of the Orc Army List, the Beta officially finishes on Friday 20th May, so make sure you’ve left us your feedback in the official discussion thread here on Beasts of War!

More will be added to the Hub throughout the week as we take a glimpse at the Morax, the first painted shots of the Greatax (though those of you who have signed up to our newsletter will have already had a preview, just one of the benefits of being signed up!), a closer look at the Orc Krudger model and much much more.

ORC-AX-FRAME-2Swat up on what makes an Orc an Ax or a Greatax. We suspect it

has something to do with the size of their spiky weapon…

So, to kick-start Orc Week off, why not clue yourself up on the story behind this fearsome new race and check-out the concept art of the forthcoming Gore Riders in preparation for a week full of cool models, great content and the odd teaser or two!

PS – Don’t forget our Name that Unit contest for our forthcoming Undead knight set; you can check out all the details here and look out for details in the newsletter about the new wave of incoming Undead!

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