Beasts of War’s Live TURN 8 vidcast get’s an unexpected guest tomorrow night when Ronnie makes an appearance with a whole host of goodies and more than one unexpected announcement! (I wonder what he’s there to talk about?)


We all know that Ronnie cannot keep a secret (anyone who has ever been to a trade show will know that!) and Beasts of War is renowned for getting the latest miniatures scoop, whether it’s concept art leaks or otherwise, so by getting the man himself on the show, who knows what mayhem and mischief will happen!

PP-Undead-WraithsRonnie will have a pack of the New Wraiths

with him to show off… amongst other things!!

Turn 8 starts at 10 o’clock (BST) on Thursday 2nd June and we advise that some episodes may require Parental Guidance – though we can’t imagine Ronnie getting involved in anything unscrupulous…

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