Petr flinched as the rusted tannoy system blared the announcer’s voice to the bar. Distracted by the screeching feedback, he stumbled into one of the patrons. He backed away, hands held up apologetically. The hulking brute spared him a single glance before turning back to his conversation.

He coughed, the thick fug of smoke cloying in his lungs. He didn’t frequent bars at all, and even if he had, he wouldn’t have frequented one such as this by choice. The kind of bar that sprang up around unlicensed DreadBall games was the last sort of place he would have come under his own volition. Even if this place hadn’t been on a planet in the back end of nowhere, out at the fringe of civilisation, he couldn’t have felt less at home…


It’s time to bring the futuristic sports game to life!

Way back when we hit the $325,000 stretch goal on the DreadBall Xtreme Kickstarter, we funded a short story compilation set in the world of DreadBall. We’ve been itching to get started, so our editor is all lined up and we’ve already got some big-name support from Guy Haley and David Guymer! However, this is just the beginning. This is your chance to join the ranks of our professional writers and get your name in lights – that’s right, we’re looking for submissions. If you’re a budding author then you’re in with a chance to win $250!

We want to use these short stories to develop our universe, our characters, and ultimately, our games. Storytelling has always been at the heart of the hobby – it’s the epic tales of war that make tabletop gaming what it is. It’s not about a board game of Humans vs. Orcs, it’s about the nailbiting semi-final clash between the Trontek 29ers and the Greenmoon Smackers – the strikes, the Hail Mary passes, the brutal injuries, and the aftermath.

crystallans-team_rework 2

Without further ado, if you want to take part, here’s what we need:

· A 100 word synopsis for your story, which must be based around DreadBall and/or DreadBall Xtreme. It can overlap with our other games if you like.

· A 500 word writing sample so that we can get an understanding of your ability and style.

· A signed copy of the following agreement:

Mantic-Short-Story-Agreement (300kb, PDF)

Please send your submission to our editor Greg Smith at greg995@googlemail.com. Once the submission period has ended we will go through the entries, pick out the best, and get started on the stories! Stories picked for the following stages will be need to be approximately 6000 words. The top 10-12 that make it through to the final stages will be published in an anthology available through Mantic Digital, and may also be used in our upcoming rulebooks and expansions for the game.

Furthermore, there are prizes!

· The single best submission will win $250 cash!

· All other stories picked for publication will win $100 worth of Mantic goodies!

The closing date is midnight on the 1st of June 2014. Pens at the ready, off you go!

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