Wow! The Deadzone Kickstarter campaign has been going full-throttle for the past few days, and today it’s really taken off! We’ve been knocking down Stretch Goals like crazy, and now we’re chasing one that’s already a firm fan favourite: The Rebs Faction Booster!




Once we hit $765,000 we’ll be able to produce this set, which will expand the Rebs faction with several new additions…


DZ Zee Scavengers_wip


First up, we’ve got the Zee Scavengers.  These pesky little clones were a big hit during the DreadBall Kickstarter campaign, so it was only a matter of time before they found their way into Deadzone. They’re looters, scroungers and saboteurs extraordinaire, I for one can’t wait to see them in model form!


The Kraaw are are the Rebs’ shock troops, striking from the sky to sow disarray across enemy lines.  The Kraaw’s been available as an add-on for a while, but we’ve added one to this booster for the sake of completeness.

Rebs Judwan Medic

Earlier in the campaign we saw Wrath, the psychotic Judwan assassin; from the look on this Medic’s face, he doesn’t much like the idea of one of his race straying from the pacifist path of Mu’Shen’Wan!


Rebs RPG Team


The missile team is our first look at the Sphyr, a semi-aquatic race who pledged their finest warriors to the Rebellion after their home planet was used for weapons testing by the AccuTek Corporation.

The Rebs are growing ridiculously popular with fans of Deadzone, Warpath, and just sci-fi in general. If you want to see these models make it to the gaming table, you need to act fast – the Kickstarter campaign ends at midnight (BST) this Sunday! That’s just over two days away at time of posting, so there really isn’t that long left! Head over to the Deadzone Kickstarter and pledge your support now!


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