The Clash of Kings is our annual Kings of War tournament, offering players a chance to field their armies against each other to find the best general in the land.


Our competition events are run by our Pathfinders and over the next few months a number of Kings of War Regional events will be occurring as players vie for local bragging rights and the chance of a free ticket to the Clash of Kings final later in the year. The final this year promises to be a great occasion as it will take place over a whole weekend – that’s two full days of Kings of War! Last year’s final was won by Daniel King who is the reigning Clash of Kings champion but will he be able to retain it this year? Will someone else overthrow the champion and take his crown for 2014?

The Kings of War tournament days provide a fantastic opportunity to meet new players, see some fabulous armies and for people to have an amazing time playing their favourite fantasy battle game. We constantly get great feedback as to how fun, friendly and stress-free the events are and it’s been a real pleasure to see people actually turning up and playing the game for the first time at a number of the events! So whether you are a Kings of War beginner or a grizzled veteran, why not lead your army on to the field of battle and come along for a great day out. There are some great prizes on offer too just in case you need any extra incentive!


A couple of regional events are still to be organised but you can grab your tickets for the ones booked so far from the Mantic web store here:

Firestorm Games , Cardiff, 26th April.

Northwest Gaming Centre, Stockport, 10th May.

Asgard Wargames, Middlesbrough, 1st June.

Sanctuary Gaming Centre , Nottingham, 14th June.

Brighton (King and Queen pub), 28th June.

Total Wargamer, Evesham 27th July.

The Grid, Doncaster, 26th July.

Check out the website for Events Tickets and details.

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