The war grinds on with neither side able to gain a true advantage. General Tor has managed to destroy the Novas Vira facility in Greenville, yet still the humans continue to resist his forces, and his losses mount by the day. Martian High Command have now sent the brutal Chief Surgeon Gorl and the troops of the Science Division to oversee Tor’s efforts and help bring a swift end to the conflict.

Meanwhile, Novas Vira have called in the infamous men, women and aliens of the elite Tiger Corps in a last ditch attempt to tip the balance in humanity’s favour and drive the Martians off the planet once and for all.

Simple victory is no longer enough for either side. This is a campaign of extermination.

Mars Attacks is the whacky tabletop game of Martian Mayhem and just when you thought things couldn’t get any weirder, Wave III is unleashed!


Wave III of Mars Attack is invading in April and brings with it the brand new Extermination expansion, Martian Giant Robot, Giant Mutant Bugs and the feared Science Division!

But never fear, the Tiger Corps have come to the aid of humanity and new survivors have emerged to defend Earth from the treacherous Martians.

Included in Wave III:

– Mars Attacks: Extermination Expansion
– Martian Giant Robot
– Giant Mutant Spider
– Giant Mutant Ant
– Martian Science Division
– The Tiger Corps
– Very Important Martians

Mars Attacks: Extermination Expansion

Thought you’d seen everything the Martians had to throw at humanity? Think again! The Science Division arrive led by the twisted genius of Chief Surgeon Gorl and bringing their mutated and monstrous creations with them. All of those critters that the Martians have been collecting will suddenly make sense, as giant insects are unleashed against the inhabitants of Greenville.

Coming to the aid of humanity, the elite commandos of the Tiger Corps, led by General Jaret, have been summoned by Novas Vira command to do whatever is necessary to end the Martian threat once and for all. We also meet new survivors, as Craig and Tunga prove that it’s not just every man and woman that is fighting for humanity’s survival!

A series of narrative scenarios introduces these new characters and others, building up to a final showdown which will determine not just the fate of Greenville, but that of the entire planet. Neither side can afford to back down, and both will throw everything they have into winning this final battle.

Pick a side, grab your forces and settle down to decide the fate of a whole world. Playtime is over, this is war!


Mars Attacks: Extermination is the second major expansion for Mars Attacks and continues the story of Greenville with ten brand new scenarios, including Here and No Further:

Here and no further

There are also new abilities and all of the rules you need to play with the Tiger Corps, Martian Science Division, Mutated Bugs, Very Important Martians and Martian Giant Robot in the comic-book sized Mars Attacks: Extermination rulebook.

The boxset also contains many of these great new miniatures, including the fearsome Science Division, brave Tiger Corps and two Mutated Giant Bugs with Martian Handlers. Every model comes battle-ready, pre-assembled for you in colored plastic so that you can get gaming straight away.

Exclusive to the box-set, there are two new human survivors – well, one human and one Gorilla! Meet Craig and Tunga:


The Battle Rages

Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game has one simple goal: splat Martian brains! It’s as fun as it’s easy, and with this expansion you get a whacky new adventure to test your mettle.

But the Martian assault won’t stop here: there’s a war coming in May. One that will engulf the world!


Until then Invaders!

Mars Attacks Wave III is now available to pre-order from your local retailer and will begin shipping in April. For more information check out the new products, including Mars Attacks: Extermination and the Martian Giant Robot on our website here.

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