Our summer of Kings of War is coming to an end and now is the perfect time to recap on what’s been released so far…

It all started off so innocently with the Undead and Orcs getting Werewolves and Trolls respectively, and then along came the Mummies, Gore Chariots and Lady Ilona…


This was followed up in July with the Ogres and Goblins – the launch of a brand new army and a range of overdue support for our Goblins!


With new fast cavalry and the incredible Mincer for the little greenskins and the hulking Ogre Warriors and Shooters plus three of the most characterful heroes we’ve ever done, July was topped off by the Kings and Legends supplement, containing the complete Ogre Force List and over 20 Living Legends and their background.


Everything you see above is now available from the Mantic Webstore and all good hobby retailers (and if your local store doesn’t stocks Mantic yet, get in touch at sales@manticgames.com with their details and we’ll get in touch!) – get yours here!

And of course, we’re capping off the summer with the Basileans – now available to pre-order! Get a free copy of The Basilean Legacy with every army deal!

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