Three years ago we started with a vision and a photograph of a single plastic Elf figure. Mantic has thrived since then, built on yours and the community’s support and goodwill. We’ve always felt you’ve deserved more – more higher quality kits faster and more great rewards to say thank you from us. Today we’ve launched a Kickstarter to help give back.

Kickstarter is a crowd-funding website where you can help support creative projects and we’re offering some mind-blowing rewards if you pledge and help us beat our goal of $5000. We will use this to bring forwards our production of our great value miniature kits, like the plastic Werewolves we have planned:

Kickstarter-WerewolfYou saw the teaser on the website earlier in the week – now see the full concept art on Kickstarter!

From being flown over to the UK and playing games with Ronnie to having a say in the development of our human army (and having characters named and sculpted in your likeness!), we’ve got some truly great rewards that not include the new Kings of War Hardback Rulebook but armies the size you’ve only ever dreamed of.

Please check out our Kickstarter page and video here – thank you for your support.

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