The great thing about the LOKA Kickstarter is it’s simplicity – and we’ve really tried to make the most of our stretch goals. Let’s take a look at Bishop ($50) and see what you get…

Bishop is the basic LOKA board game, with a shiny rulebook full of rules for scenery and combat (in fact, you can check out Alessio’s Developer Diary series on the rules in the updates on Kickstarter,) and the Mounted Game Board.

In addition, you also get two of the Fire Chess Sets in red and green plastic (the same kind of plastic as most Fantasy Flight Games) – though we’re looking to replace the second Fire Chess Set with an Earth Set for much greater variation!

Then there’s the Kickstarter Exclusives – a signed Art Print and a River Horse Model (Alessio as a Knight on a hippo? Surely not…)

In addition, we’ve also posted up the next Stretch Goal, which will add in a sheet of card scenery featuring 8 different designs of scenery… check them out!

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