Unbelievable – the Orc Chariot and Fight Wagon was a long way down our release schedule but thanks to you we can start concepting and sculpting! We simply had no idea how popular the Chariot was going to be, thank you so much.

One of the things we’ve been hearing about is doing new hero models so to coincide with our brand new Warmaster ($2500) and Eternal Warrior ($3000) pledge levels, we will write a Kings and Legends supplement for Kings of War if we break $65,000!

This supplement will immortalise all of the new hero models that get sculpted complete with unique rules to use them in-game and background for the new models. We will put the book and all of the new hero models up in the additional extras for you to add to your army, and everyone who pledges to have a unique sculpt modeled will have the book included for free!

So – what’s next?

Well, we’re currently looking at the viability of producing a unit of 3 plastic Trolls or a unit of Mummies… let us know in comments which you’d prefer!

Thanks again for your support and please keep telling people all about it!

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