Project Pandora went down a storm at Salute and Adepticon, with a fiercely contested extermination competition – could the Brits kills more rats than the Americans?

Well, the results are in….

With Jake Thornton’s all time highest record was 18 kills, the lowest at Salute was 2 kills, whilst there were 5 results over 15…

Chris Tamplin scored 24 and was pipped to the post by Ben Rackley who scored 26!



Up until Saturday night the Adepticon crew had been trailing at a high of 11 but miraculously they scored a 24 on the Sunday… before Chris Hall did the unthinkable and scored 29 kills!

Congratulations to Chris and Ben who win themselves some free toys from our website!


We’re really pleased as to how successful Pandora was when it launched at the shows that we’ll be running this contest worldwide in some form during May. Look out for details coming soon and if you want to participate, make sure you’ve got a copy of Pandora to hand!

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