There are…there are saucers buzzing overhead, all I can hear is the explosions of buildings.  One collapsed in front of me.  Mom, can you hear me?  Mom, run!  Get out of there.  Something’s attacking Greenville!
…the town in chaos around us, we’re running…we’re running…

Today, I’m going to take a closer look at Civilian Slaughter, an expansion which replaces the card counters in the game to plastic pieces, and, of course, gives you some burning cows and dead bodies too!  So whether you’re interested at killing all civilians or killing all Martians, this pack lets you change out your cardboard counters for various elements for minis.

Civillian slaughter


Civilian Slaughter brings you an upgrade kit to add extra to your base game – instead of cardboard event counters, you’ve got minis instead.  Provided unpainted, these minis are provided ready to play out of the pack.

Plus, of course our amazing burning cows.  These guys cause so much havoc rampaging through the quadrant of Greenville the game is set in.

Each mini is a lovingly created and designed to add to the immersion of your game, and give you some pieces to replace the standard cardboard ones issued in the set.
And we’ve also added some ‘prone’ markers – in this case, a dead Martian and two dead soldiers figured, to add realism to your scenarios and give you more models to play with.

Wanna see how the game plays?  Check out this game play video!

Got any questions?  What’s your favourite mini in this set?

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