July was a bumper month for releases with Kings and Legends, the Ogres and Goblins all now available from your local Mantic stockist!


Kings and Legends is the first of two new supplements for Kings of War, featuring 22 Living Legends and the Ogre Force List. This book delves into the background and history of some of the major characters in the world of Mantica, their powers and all of the rules and stats you need to add them to your army. The Ogre Force List is great too, featuring powerful and characterful units such as the Berserker Braves and Ogre Warlocks to flesh out the mercenary Ogre warbands into fully fledged armies.

The Ogre range is the latest faction for the Kings of War range of fantasy miniatures, allowing you to command the mightiest of warriors into battle. The models have caused quite a stir in the community and we can’t wait to see the armies you’ve built. Make sure you post your pictures on our Facebook page!

Ogre Army

Grab the Ogres from your nearest hobby retailer or from the Mantic website

Also released were the Goblins, with a brand new army set, cavalry units, Mincer and some of the nicest Goblin heroes you’ll ever see. The Fleabag riders are my personal favourite, though the Mincer looks like a lot of fun. We’ve got some cool videos on the Mincer coming out later this week, so watch out for them popping up on the blog shortly.

goblin army set

The new plastic Goblin cavalry is full of detail and character – and they ain’t half bad on the battlefield either!

Have you got your Ogres or Goblin yet? How would you paint yours? Let us know in the comments below.

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