When big news drops like this I always get that little bit of spark in my hobby that ignites a full blown hobby meltdown as I sit and dream up all the wonderful things that are going to be presented in this new book.

Being able to have a compendium of all the out of print books is going to be fantastic! But the 2 things that grabbed me by the beard and smashed my head repeatedly into the Kings of War hype train, was the fact that the games I play will directly affect the world of Mantica and the mention of the Abyssal army!


I couldn’t think of anything more engaging from a community perspective, than the fact that a company such as Mantic Games will allow me as a player and enthusiast, to be able to shape the future of a games universe. We are hobbyists, we are players and we are passionate. When you invest yourself into a hobby and you become enchanted with the lore of a fantasy realm, you want your chosen army, your avatar in this world, to win every battle and reign supreme over this realm. Every dice roll, every charge and every victorious round of combat won’t just be the difference between a won or lost game, it will be a defining moment in shaping the future of the realm of Mantica!!!

Forces of the abyss - Moloch

The next thing that always excites me is the inclusion of new armies. Not only does this open up a whole new load of possibilities for the expansion or lore and new scenarios and battles, but it also opens up a whole host of new miniatures, painting ideas, hobby ideas and new army lists and tactics to crush my foes with. Being your typical “lord of the underworld”, I simply cannot wait for the possible inclusion of the Abyssals! We need to make this happen!!!!!

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