Not happy with just offering some Amazing Christmas Army Deals, as a special for this festive season we have decided to make starting Kings of War as easy as possible.

Kings of War Christmas Starter Set

Within the Kings of War Christmas Starter Set you get everything you need to start playing some truly epic tabletop wargames. Inside:

There is nothing as evocative as two fantasy armies battling each other on the tabletop and this monstrous Starter Set contains everything you need to build and play your own Fantasy Battles, all at an exceptional price.

Included in this deal are 2 complete and fully plastic Undead and Dwarf armies totalling over 100 miniatures. Some of our very best plastic kits are present, from the Dwarf Ironclads to the stunning new Zombie models, this set really does contain hordes of great quality miniatures from both the Undead and Dwarf range.

Once you have got your models built and painted it’s time to start gaming, the rule-set has been written by the world-famous Alessio Cavatore, and have been designed so you can start playing games immediately.

So what are you waiting for? Order your’s now!

Please Note: This item is currently only available to pre-order and will be shipping on the 26th November 2010

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