“And thus did the Ronnie proclaim “on the 6th month of the third year presented unto you shall be the rulebook of all things Kings of War”. And the people did cheer in their exhuburance!” – Darsc80 on Youtube.

Ronnie says it all – the new Kings of War is coming in June bringing with it:

A gaming system that is simple, clearly written and innovative.
Written by Alessio Cavatore, Kings of War is an easy-to-learn fantasy battle wargame that is simple, tactical and innovative.

All of the rules have been fine-tuned after thousands of games and hundreds of pieces of feedback from the gaming community – it is a game written for gamers, by gamers that allows you to play large-scale games with lots of miniatures quickly, or fun, competitive games in tournaments.

The new 144-page full colour rulebook also features new expanded rules for Campaigns, Terrain and Siege Warfare, as well as an in-built tournament pack.

An ever-expanding Miniatures range at an affordable price
Six armies are now available with an ever-expanding range of miniatures – from horrifying Undead, brutal Orcs all the way to proud Dwarfs and stoic Elves – Check out the shop to see the full range of fantasy battle miniatures.

aa-kings-of-war-coverThe new Kings of War Cover – by Jonas Springborg

A fantasy battle game written for both the Casual and Competitive Player.
With an innovative turn sequence, a built-in tournament pack and the option to play timed games, Kings of War is a fast and simple game that naturally lends itself to competitive events. It’s such a good fit, even our own tournament organizers have been able to play whilst running the event!

A fantasy world brought to life
The Kings of War world has been developing behind-the-scenes for months and the new Rulebook finally lays it to bear. With a detailed map of the new world and the history of the land and its races, this rich fantasy realm is one of war and bloodshed where kingdoms clash in epic battles.

The Kings of War are coming… and you can find out all about it in the Kings of War Dossier, exclusively available to download in a future Mantic Newsletter! Sign-up now.

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