Wow, it’s now been 48 hours since the Kings of War Kickstarter began and the project is already 500% funded. Simply wow! A huge thank you to everyone who has supported the project!

The funds so far allow us to make a truly epic rulebook for Kings of War, building on all the hard work Alessio and his team have done on the rules and army lists with new art, new photography, new background and much more. We can’t wait to get this into your hands.

The Kickstarter has also allowed us to fund some great accessories as well as introduce the core of the Abyssal army as well!


Work in progress art

This means that a new army is coming to Kings of War…

Lower Abyssals

A numberless horde, these red-skinned demons of the Abyss make up the footsoldiers of the Abyssal forces. Some arm themselves with crude close combat weapons with which to lay waste to the enemy in brutal close combat. Others shoot flames from their hands and use tooth and claw to rend their enemies. All are utterly lethal – a nightmare legion marched straight from the depths of hell, intent only on death and destruction.

Available in hard plastic, this kit features a multitude of options including extra heads and weapons. The kit can also be built as fire-flinging Magi, a new ranged unit for the Forces of the Abyssa army.

6 a
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Abyssal Champion

The hero to lead the Forces of the Abyss to victory, this metal miniature features alternate components to build him in a variety of different ways.

championtest 3 color

And we’re nearly at the Succubi too!

The Abyss has its subtler creatures to complement the blunt force of the warriors and the Molochs.  Brute Strength is not always the answer, and the Succubi use far more insidious methods, seducing the eyes of the enemy and drawing them in before slaughtering them en masse. 

The second hard plastic sprue for the Forces of the Abyss, this kit will have lots of different option for customising your figures, adds some speed and brutality to your ranks, as well as more choice to your army selection.

Abyssal Succubus variants

You can get your Forces of the Abyss army and/or the new 2nd Edition Rulebook right here on the Kickstarter. It finishes Monday 1st December, meaning there isn’t that long to get a pledge in. Get yours before they’re gone!

We’ll be releasing more renders and concept art for the miniatures as we go, and more on the rulebook over the next couple of weeks.

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What would you like to see get added to the Forces of the Abyss range and army list?

What do you like best about the Kings of War Kickstarter and what would you like to see happen next?

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