Today’s seen a massive breakthrough at the Mantic Bunker – the fans we ordered earlier in the week have arrived! (Most of our existing ones had gone to keep Alberto from melting, as seen yesterday.) We assembled them with great delight this morning, and now it almost feels like a bearable temperature in the office!

Invigorated by this exciting turn of events, I put some fresh batteries in the Flipcam and headed down to the warehouse again to find out a bit more about how Mantic models make it from ideas in our heads to models in your hands. Everyone seemed to enjoy yesterday’s video about casting, so hopefully today’s will be equally interesting! I’ve skipped ahead a couple of steps and gone to find Ben in the photography studio – I’d love to show you the painting process, but we don’t currently have an in-house painter and I couldn’t really budget a trip to Manchester into my day.

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If you want to see some of Ben’s finest work yet, you should get your hands on a copy of Kings and Legends. He’s done some beautiful pieces, from individual character shots to full dioramas. Tomorrow I’ll be posting the next stage of the process, where we’ll see Curis – our resident Graphic Design Ninja – work with Ben’s photos to turn them into the finished article you can see in the book.

Speaking of Curis, I’m done for the day, so I’m going to go and play him at Kings of War! Keep an eye on the Mantic twitter account where we’ll be tweeting photos, anecdotes and noteworthy moments from the game. You can expect a full write-up of the battle tomorrow, in our very first in-house battle report!


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