Thanks for joining us for Kings of War Week – we really hope that you’ve enjoyed what you have seen this week. And there’s been quite a lot!

There was a competition…


… and it’s been so popular, we’re going to give everyone the weekend to get their entries in to suggest a new name for the two-player starter set and win a signed copy of the new Kings of War 2nd Edition Rulebook.

There was a glimpse of the future…

Ronnie took to camera for the first episode of the Mantic Insider and gave you his vision for the future of Kings of War. It’s rather exciting.

There was new art…


As well as some experimentation with photography:


And finally: Kings of War 2nd Edition is coming in August.

The Kings of War 2nd Edition Rulebook is now available to pre-order. This hardback book will hit shelves in August and includes all of the background, rules, magic artefacts and force lists you need to immerse yourself in a fantasy world of legendary battles.


We’ve also collaborated with Ryan Wallace from Unit 18 to produce an exclusive, limited edition Kings of War messenger bag, which you can use to transport your Mantic Cases or Rulebooks around in.

You can get this bag separately or as part of the Hardcore package – containing the 2nd Edition Rulebook, a free Gamer’s Edition softback book (for travelling to and from the gaming table with) as well as a set of plastic Wound Trackers and a free plastic Counter Set full of great gaming aids.

The Hardcode Edition and Messenger Bag will only be available until midnight Tuesday 30th June. Get yourself over to the Mantic Website now to get yours!

Thanks for joining us, and keep an eye out on the blog for Kings of War. DreadBall Xtreme is next week, join us then.


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