Ogres have absolutely taken over this month! They’ve been all over the blog, people are talking about them on the forums, and we’re even getting a few photos of painted units posted to our Facebook wall by lucky Kickstarter backers who have already got their hands on them. Here’s an all-ogre force painted by Martin at Titan Games – it’s basically  the Ogre Army Set with a couple of extras added.


I’ll give the Titan Games guys this: They paint fast!

If you look carefully, you’ll be able to spot the Ogre Command Group in the Warrior unit on the right. I’ve just realised that we haven’t given these guys a spotlight on the blog yet, so you probably haven’t seen them up close! Let’s change that, shall we?

When they turn up at your gates, you'd better hope you can pay them...

When they turn up at your gates, you’d better hope you can pay them…

Ogres employ a fairly loose heirarchy system, with leadership going to whoever can show that he is the most experienced in battle. The first step on the road to leading a full warband is taking charge of a unit of warriors or shooters and leading them on the battlefield. An ogre who finds himself in this position will make sure he has the best equipment available, and will ensure he is flanked by his most trusted comrades. These veterans will normally take up the mantles of banner bearer and musician – although many would question the use of the term “music” to describe the sound produced by a Karkhorn…

Command models are an essential addition to Kings of War armies. Most of the game’s mechanics revolve around a unit’s Leader, so it’s important to mark out the central model in the front rank of a unit. There are several ways of doing this, but you can’t beat using a specific model that stands out from the crowd. The Ogre Leader has a massive sword that does the job nicely! You also get a Banner and a Musician, which hinder your opponent’s Nerve tests and boost yours respectively.

Of course, the real joy in a set like this is the character it brings to your army. The ogre musician’s horn in particular is a wonderful piece; with an army as noisy at this, you can imagine that it takes a particularly special instrument to be heard over all the racket, and this definitely looks the part!

The entire Ogre range is available to advance order from the Mantic Webstore, and everything’s due to ship on 29th July 2013. Check them out – I’m already working out conversion ideas so I can add them to my Undead army!

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