Today marks the last day before the UK VAT rises to 20% (it was just 15% when we launched the Elves) and, with raw material costs rising as well, our price rise too.

What this means is that this is the last chance to get your order in if you want to make the most of our current prices (and get yourself a Free Mantic Bag when you spend over £50/75 euros/$99 as well!!).


After the rise, our army deals will be altered meaning this will be the last chance to buy the bundles as they are and, when you consider that you can get an army-in-a-box, over 150 (over 200 in some cases!!) figures, free rules, free bag and the very latest releases, all in one package, now is the ideal time to start a new army for the new year!

So pop on over to the store and get in an army (or another few units) to keep you company on those long winter nights. We have everything in stock at the moment (except pre-orders!) so order now and get it at the old prices – your order will be shipped next week!

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