The German Zombies seem to have been very popular, and we here at Mantic are not surprised when you can make miniatures like these:

Painted by Golem Painting Studios

ss zombie

giblets zom

grabbiy zombie

Unfortunately the German Zombie Set and the German Zombies with the Osprey Zombie Book were a limited edition release, so we have decided that we will be ending the offer on the 22nd of November 2010. That means this weekend is your last chance to pick up your own set, don’t miss out, buy yours now!

Remember this set combines the brand new Zombie sprues from Mantic with those of the Warlord plastic Germans (guns n all!), you’ll be able to make 10 (or more depending on your imagination) German Zombies! Furthermore, for all of you Zombie fanatics out there,  the Osprey Zombie Book is a great read!

For more details on these two specials, go to the website now!

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