At the start of January we had a small price increase in line with the rise in UK VAT. All month long we’ve kept our large Army Deals at last year’s prices, but this is ending this weekend – so if you want to get a huge army at an unbelievable price then this is a great time to do it!

On the 1st February, our largest Army Deals will be coming off the site as we implement the price changes to the sets and reduce the contents in line with the new prices.

Lead the Liche King and his armies to battle
with a Hell Horde Army Deal.

These sets are now truly limited edition and we want to give you guys as much opportunity as possible to get hold of one of these truly amazing value for money sets – sometimes savings of over £50 off the normal retail – so get your hands on everything from a Liche King’s 200 figure+ Undead Horde to an Elven host of epic proportions, and all including free printed Kings of War rules and a Mantic Messenger Bag if you Deluxe Your Order. (just add a handy and stylish Messenger bag for £5!)

The countdown has begun, don’t miss this! Offers end Midnight GMT 31st January.

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