It’s the final 4 days of the Mars Attacks Kickstarter and we are really excited about the final run in – but after a great weekend we are having a tough time! Well sometimes you just have to man up and at Mantic we are never frightened of honest feedback – or acting on it!


As we go into the last days of a Kickstarter we find many people come back for a look at the deals, and what has been unlocked. Over the run of a Kickstarter the front page can get messy and difficult to understand.

So, we have built two 1-click pledges – one of which you can see below.

These allow new backers (or indeed those who are already in) a really simple way to get on board with total peace of mind that they are getting piles of the right stuff. And it is always worth bearing in mind that your support not only helps us fund the game you want to see – but your pledge – however you configure it – will be roughly 50% off MSRP/RRP – and have a host of Kickstarter exclusives, one-offs and unique scenarios.

The Invaders Arrive 1-Click Pledge has all you need to play the game – all the scenarios in the boxed game – plus heroes, flying saucers, lots of Kickstarter exclusives and lots more troop choices –all with scenarios and missions to make each and every game different and fun.

You can see it here:

Invader Arrive 1-click

We’re currently aiming for the $500,000 landmark milestone and when we hit that, we’ll unlock the giant mutated bug:

These will each come with a handler figure and will be available for $10 each, or $20 for three. Pledges of The Invaders Arrive and up get 1 free whilst our 1-click Alien Abduction pledge gets 3 free.

And finally…

Thanks for reading, the journey so far has been incredible and I hope the above helps bring on board many new backers over the coming days.

In addition we also have our Terrain-only pledge, Deadzone Faction Decks and DreadBall Martian Team and we’ve also opened up 2 new Hit and Run painting levels, if anyone wants a copy of the Main Boxed Game painted.

Please support Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game on Kickstarter.

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